30 Minutes

by Nige

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I made this album to initiate Nige into the binary consciousness of memory. You see, Nige wasn’t always Nige. First he was Turn Tablet. Then he was Tt followed by Titee and then he went to Nige| and then to Nige.

Some of the tracks were attempts to follow genre. Attemptor, Attemptress and Attempted attempts at creating Dub Step tracks. I was inspired to do these tracks after seeing some Dub Step artists. If I were to choose the genre for these three tracks I would call it Snuboopah, Dob Stoopah or Step Diddley Ep Dub.

The track Fetha is an attempt at Hip Hop but it don’t sound so Hip Hoppy, it sounds a bit more Hap Hazard than Hip Hop but is closer to the mark than Hip Skip for instance or Pip Slip for that matter. Some famous people have said it tastes more like Big Step than anything else and some un-famous people have labelled it Huge Hop so I guess I will just stay with Yip Zip and keep at that.

A track called 30 Minutes is on the album as well. In fact this is the title of the album. This track was made in 30 minutes and was posted in 40. It was a challenge I set myself and I got through it. The album goes for longer than 30 minutes though.

Infected Mass Squared was a track inspired by something not all that inspiring at all. I purchased a game, it was version 2 of the one I just finished which I really enjoyed. The game installed ok but would not authenticate the disc when you wanted to play. There were many other people around the world with the same problem. Can you work out what game it was I was referring to? Clue: One word in the title hasn’t changed.

Happy Birthday Mummy is the perfect gift to send to your Mother on her birthday. Why not send her the whole album. Mothers love this type of music. Just take my Mum for instance, she loves my music even if she hasn’t heard it yet. Do you think she really loves it or is just saying that? She will be just saying it if she doesn’t get a present on her birthday so I am covering your butt by offering you a beautiful gift to give her on her birthday. Never again will you be stuck for a present for your Mum.

Mission Complaint is a track created to attach to any complaints you have to give it more power. Do you want to be heard?

The other tracks are just that. Tracks made by Nige for all to hear. They endeavour to inspire the listener to delve deeper into their lives and find the rich music that lives within them and to be transformed into their personal bliss.


released January 1, 2012





Nige QLD, Australia

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